The feature we haven't expected

This week, we have 2354 more games in our library, an interview with the founders of Megamod at 80lv was published, our Pitch Deck site was updated and there is a lot of new stuff, have a look!
Last year, we set a goal: learn how to produce game content 300 times cheaper than usual on the gaming market, which we accomplished. Now, one Megamod game costs 6.6 USD and takes 3-4 hours to create.
But through our marketing trials to acquire a bigger player audience, we started to collaborate more with game streamers, and almost by accident, we got one extremely important and unpredictable insight that we would like to share with you today.
A popular game stream form is a competition in which participants gain rewards, usually in the form of game items or game currency. For bloggers, it's a way to engage their audience and get more followers and regular visitors. That makes sense. However, to arrange such giveaways, all streamers faced an obstacle that none of the leading gaming platforms have been able to resolve. That is the limit of players in a game. Top companies like Roblox have a limit of 50 users, while Fortnite has a maximum of 100 participants in one competition. And this restriction is especially important for game bloggers with a large YouTube or Twitch audience.
The maximum number of users in all Megamod games is currently 250, and in the MegaChill multiplayer tests, we even increased this number to 2000. We’ve added the simple raffle option and therefore we've become the world's only gaming platform that allows streamers to run large-scale giveaways for their audiences! See how it goes in the video.
We always joke that running a startup is like hunting for mushrooms or fishing: you never know what you'll find. What will we bring you in a week?