Megamod is a game family

First, 315 new games in a week!

Second, MegaMod now has a trampoline! And it can be used to overcome obstacles: it gives players super jumping ability and helps to jump great distances in height and width. You can also magnetize your head to the trampoline from below if you jump under it and pass obstacles in the air. Isn't it cool?
Third, we made a megacube - it's a secret mega handy feature for creating mega worlds in Megamod. It can be used to move entire pieces of the finished world - what previously had to be built from scratch or carried from place to place one props at a time, can now be easily moved, as well as zoom in or zoom out at once with a finished fragment assembled from a lot of props. For now, the megacube will only be available to our best creators and our team is reviewing all new games without exception and choosing each week who we're rewarding with access.
At first glance it seems that Megamod is a project for young creators and gamers only, but our early birds include not only children and teenagers, but also adults and even entire families. We’d like to tell you an amazing story of Megaigrulka Family.
In spring we were searching for the first builders in Megamod and our ad - you won't believe it - was found by Ksyusha's grandma. She was the one who told her granddaughter about the game. Ksyusha is only 10 so we couldn't hire her, but then her father Igor decided to try his hand at creating Megamod games and he became very cool to work with - here's an example of his work:

Daughter makes videos about and puts them in her Tiktok, which is called Megaigrulka. So far it has less than a hundred followers, but this channel will definitely grow with the Megamod universe, we believe!
A little later Igor and Ksyusha were joined by their mom Katya. In our Megabuilder she creates unique props for the worlds that dad and daughter build. Super match and a cool family hobby that brings them both fun and earnings!
By the way, now Igor is already working with the Megamod team as an artlead and teaches new game designers who are joining us.
This story is very important for us because we want everyone to have an opportunity to make their own game, to build their own fantasy world. And it does not matter what experience, gender, age, skin color, passport color, place of residence, life views, etc. you have. Megamod is a diversity, and together with our community and investors right now we are building a universe where the main thing is the game and there are no other rules. Thank you Megaigrulka family for the inspiring story! And thank you for walking this road with us.