Megamod first year outcomes

Dear ones, we wish you a Mega Christmas and a Mega New Year!

And we'd like to share with you what Megamod has accomplished this year.

In early May, Megamod provided beta access to the game editor and began recruiting the first creators. Our Discord community has grown to almost 4000 members from scratch. We onboarded 1450 creators in 8 months, and have grown our artlead crew from the best of them: the former newcomers turned into training newbies and assist their teams to make mega games.

Megamod's library will have over 20,000 games by the end of 2023. And in the game editor – 48,500 + props, which were also developed by our creators for common usage.

Over the course of this year, the development team has come up with a set of tools and mechanics for creators to help make gameplay more exciting and unpredictable: from lava, invisible walls, and trampolines to boosters, keys, and teleport mechanics. All this and more were added to the Megamod game editor. And AI functionality from Megamod's head demiurge now allows to animate in-game items and help creators with ideas and inspiration.

We also started the monetization process, which gives creators currency for the time players spent in the game. We released our own MegaStore with a selection of the best games. And we made MegaChill multiplayer, where you can chat and play games with the crowd of soulmates.

This year, Megamod made some noise: we’ve appeared in 500 streams from 80 Youtube and Twitch game influencers. It was our main promotion and test channel and also the most effective. In December we launched and rocked "word of mouth": when creators post teasers of their games on TikTok, Youtube and Instagram. The audience for these videos reached 2,5 mln views in total, in less than a month.

We have great plans for next year and are going to keep you updated. We wish you wonderful holidays! See you in 2024!

Alexey Kostarev and the Megamod team.