Megamod is starting

Hello everyone! We have decided to introduce a weekly newsletter featuring the key updates from Megamod.

We will be sharing all the important technical advancements, discussing the growth of our community, and providing insights into the project's development process, including the challenges we have encountered and how we are overcoming them.
Currently, the main goal of our team is to expand the pool of creator users to increase the quantity of high-quality content. In the next phase, we aim to successfully attract player users.
On May 5th, 2023, we initiated the creator acceleration process by recruiting interns into our game design team and training them to create game levels in Megamod. The creators are organized into teams, each led by an art lead who onboards newcomers, guides them in producing quality content, and fosters communication within the team.
Since the start of the experiment, we have received 157 applications from creators who want to produce content in Megamod. This number includes only individuals aged 14 and above.
Out of the 157 applicants, we have selected 26 who have already shown high potential, based on evaluation criteria such as speed and quality of the produced content. We have formed 6 teams, and each team member creates one game track per day.
After 3 weeks of the experiment, we have achieved the following results:

  • Identified 5 individuals who can lead new teams.
  • Reached an average of 30 new games per day.
  • Increased the overall speed of content growth. For comparison, the Megamod catalog saw the addition of 117 games in the previous 2 months, while from May 10th to May 29th, we added 261 new games.
  • Improved the quality of the produced content. You can view examples below.