First Megamod app is here

MegaCode, our speech-to-code tool which we’ve already told you about, debuted last night as an iOS app in the App Store! We designed it so that our creators could program the properties of game objects without knowing programming languages or coding skills, but it turned out to be an addictive game in its own right! Here's the link to the store; it'll be hard to stop. Explore the future of game coding with natural languages!
This week, 826 more games were added to the library by our diligent creators. The game controls are also undergoing significant revisions from our development team. This will make Megamod games and let’s play videos more user-friendly for the Roblox generation.
Additionally, we have given our creators the capability to disable the parts plane. As some of our creators are still of school age, therefore they are most likely using their older siblings outdated devices - which do not always have enough power to load tens of thousands of props into our game editor. Now that the parts plane can be turned off, the FPS will increase considerably. And you always have the option to turn it back on. We are optimizing the tools so that anyone who wants to design their own games can use them!