Megastrike for megacube

This week, Megamod creators stand up together for their rights. Can you imagine? Community is power! I'll explain everything shortly.
But first, let's look at the number of new games released in the past seven days. Incredible! 686 new games were added to the Megagames collection. Although we disabled a tool this week that was known to be very important to the creators, new games continue to appear by the hundreds. This is precisely why game creators started their own movement.
Remember when I reported about the Megacube? It is a mega handy feature for creating mega worlds in Megamod. It can be used to move entire pieces of the finished world - what previously had to be built from scratch or carried from place to place one props at a time, can now be easily moved, as well as zoom in or zoom out at once with a finished fragment assembled from a lot of props.
Our users have been testing the MegaCube for over a month, and this technology has really aided them in building new games. But we decided to start an experiment and turn off the Megacube for a while. What do you suppose happened next?
Oops! The creators demanded their Megacube back, flooded the chat rooms with protest images and staged an online march!
It's great because, first and foremost, we got proof that we have grown a community and now we know that our community is engaged and capable of uniting around values that are important to them. It isn't quite that large yet, but it will certainly continue to grow and we won't have to make any unnatural efforts to do so. Secondly, we recognized the Mega Cube's impact as a tool for game creators and we intend to use it to encourage them – the most active, talented, and dedicated creators.
The MegaCube will only be available with a unique code now, which the creator will receive as a reward for his experience and completed games. The code's validity term is limited, making it an even more rare and valuable tool for game authors.
Megamod does, however, intend to continue impressing! We enjoy seeing how it surprises the industry; look at the recent report on What If Gaming Media.

That's the kind of news that's out there. What do you think of our latest development? I'd be happy to get your feedback and answer any questions about Megamod.