New riddles to create

The first summer of our project has come to an end. Megamod creators have issued 6237 games in total since the beta’s public launch in May, 569 of which have been released in the last week. The average number of new releases each week is 500, and by now we have about 55 new creators on board every week and more than 700 in total on our team! Isn’t it great?
This week, we added two new mechanics to the game editor.
The first is coins, which creators can now add to the game, scatter and hide on the map, leave "breadcrumbs" from start to finish, or just build a marvelous tower of coins (well, why not?). A new exciting challenge for players: not only do they have to be fast and agile but also smart and curious in order to find and collect the most coins in the game. What a fun new invention!
And the second innovation is the "door and key" mechanic. In games, you can place obstacles that can only be overcome with a key. Hiding the key and coming up with puzzles to find brings a whole new kind of pleasure to the game creators, and finding and solving the riddles is a thrill for the players!
The community is delighted, and we are looking forward to the new games that will be created and added to our catalog!