It's not a magic, it's MegaCode!

Let’s look at the numbers of our weekly games update. 586 new releases in the catalog. That’s not too bad!
This week we’ve made another big step towards the future – we’ve introduced MegaCode, a part of the Megamod ecosystem, where you can give commands to our state-of-the-art AI using any language.
That's right – ANY language! Whether it's English, Spanish, French, etc. or even a made-up language like children do sometimes, AI understands it all. Just imagine a game, a scenario, or an event as you see it in your mind, describe it, and witness the magic unfold before your eyes!
And the best part? It only takes a matter of seconds to bring your ideas to life! For all the technical nitty-gritty, be sure to check out the video from Megamod co-founder Dmytro Semeriazhko.
We showed MegaCode to our own children and there's something truly magical when kids themselves become the masterminds behind these creative endeavors. It's absolutely mind-blowing to see how they program their own little world using their childlike language. That's pure imagination! The epic prompt was "Let the car go in the direction it wants to go!"
So, here's the deal: if you want to test MegaCode with your kids, simply send us a request, and we'll make sure they can participate in this mind-blowing game experience and create the world of their dreams!