Portals on CrazyGames

To begin with, last week, our catalog was expanded by 1,475 new games, bringing our total count of content to over 60,000 units. Our dedicated creators are tirelessly releasing new games day and night!

Just yesterday, our developers team rolled out a significant update for CrazyGames. We're currently conducting tests on this platform, and this time, we've not just added a few new games, but transformed the simple game launcher into an interactive lobby. This lobby is loaded with social mechanics and game portals, facilitating seamless game selection. For a sneak peek, check out the short video.

For users, this translates to a more engaging and immersive gaming experience. They can now not only discover new titles but also connect with fellow players in real-time even when selecting the games to start. For us, it provides valuable insights into how these enhancements influence player engagement and retention. Rest assured, we leverage this data to further refine our offerings and deliver unparalleled gaming experiences.