Megamod & Sandbox

This spring, we’re celebrating the one year milestone of Megamod and our first steady steps as a gaming startup.

We would like to thank all our advisers and all of you with whom we have talked this year. Every call and every meeting helped us to assess our decisions and choices, to create a clear vision and get support. We appreciate it so much!

This week, we have a very important meeting in Paris and we’d like to tell you about it: Alex and Dmytro, Megamod co-founders, met Sebastien Borget, co-founder of Sandbox, at their headquarters in Paris. We discussed the technology stacks of our projects and the prospects of creator economy and UGC for the games industry and the Web3 market. We are hopeful to have something in the pipeline for a joint launch in the near future. And you’ll know it first!

And thanks to our creators we released 2166 new games this week to enjoy.