Y8 partnership

Starting our weekly short report with our key metric – the number of new games. Within the last week 972 new games were added. Not as much as last month, but we're back up and running with new creators so a fresh batch is coming!

Megamod's main objective for the first quarter is to promote the distribution of games. We are proceeding our collaborations with game streamers, but also are launching important partnerships with popular game platforms worldwide. The first one is providing online free games and puzzles since 2006, with a growing community of 30 million players. The benefit for gamers and game developers alike is that user interest data allows the platform to fine-tune precise recommendation systems. With its long history, depicts the evolution and social phenomena of free browser games, which are a significant artistic medium and an insight into contemporary culture.

This week we have started with three games to test the traffic and engagement rate:

Galactic escape

Very fast

Game bundle

If you know a platform we should collaborate with, feel free to share it with. Currently we are signing the agreements with a few, but your recommendations are always appreciated!