Let the magic begin!

This week, our creators released 481 new games. They're not sluggish at all! On the contrary! The greatest new games that our artleads choose each week are being tested by the Megamod community. Today we're taking apart these runners:

Capybaras and Mushrooms (by Mark Frosy)
Skibidi runner (by ZhenyaCreative)
Gnomes (by VeneraKh)
Neon (by Glaash)
Rail Road 2 (by Devolushin)
Megamod devs released the portal's mechanics this week. In order to make games even more exciting, it is now allowed to teleport from one area of the map to another and back again. Let the magic begin!
Our Dataroom now includes a roadmap where you can look at the plans we have for the next six months.