“Spread the word” test

This week we have a total of 1824 new games in the catalogue. We are further experimenting with social media and getting game creators used to promoting their work.

The number of UGC games will continue to rise (not just on our platform), and creating a good game is no longer enough - like with any self-publishing, you must spread the word. With the introduction of MegaStore, all authors were required to provide a video teaser, screenshots, title, and a brief description of the game with its release. We now offer creators the opportunity to make short gameplay videos and post them on YouTube shorts and TikTok. So far, we have agreed to pay a minimal fee to obtain data for decision making.
Now the results are as follows: 39 creators posted 159 videos on TikTok and 401 on YouTube in a fortnight, with a total audience reach of 770k+ views. The initial CPM, including all production costs, is $10; let's see how it changes and how much organic traffic this activity brings to the site.
We will keep you updated and appreciate your comments!

Best, Alexey Kostarev and the Megamod team.