MegaChill multiplayer

We're excited to tell you about our super multiplayer, which we've been testing for several weeks now.

To observe how it is going, check out the link every weekday at 15:00 GMT (London time). MegaChill is compatible with both PCs and mobile devices. This week, 561 people were in the live room concurrently!
The creators began creating distinct 6-second games especially for MegaChill, which we have already told you about: each game takes 30 seconds to complete, then the game changes. There is a chat room in the multiplayer where players can interact and an option to rate every game. Avatars, inventory, emotion wheel and more options help players to express themselves in the game.
It's the mini-games that help us boost our key metric right now, with another 1346 new games uploaded to the collection in a week. Keep an eye out!