Games metrics

This week, 1464 new games have been added to the Megamod catalog. Thanks to our distribution network, we track daily metrics for the games, and today we want to show you the top-rated ones (selected by users, based on one of the days of the past week) as an example.

Top 3 games by completion rate per day:

  1. MONKEY ISLAND by Mark Frosy (34.87%)
  2. NIGHT OF THE DEAD by diatonika (34.71%)
  3. MEGA FUN by Izottop (31.56%)

Top 3 games by hours played per day:

  1. HOLY CARROT by Mark Frosy (26 hours)
  2. ANGEL by KaylaW (22 hours)
  3. PARTY RUNNER by Izottop (21 hours)

This data helps our community of creators develop games based not only on their own creativity but also on player feedback. We started collecting this analytics relatively recently, with the beginning of our partnership with CrazyGames, and it has already allowed us to evaluate and improve our games based on solid numbers as well as creative ideas. These and other insights will also help creators with their games monetization in the future.