Make a wish and make a ball

The game catalog has been updated by 1021 new titles! Twice as much as before. It's exciting to see creators developing more complex narratives and presenting various ways to pass the game. Here are a couple of exciting new quests:

Rick and Morty inspired game
Bank robbery game
We added a new gaming mechanic to Megamod this week: the ball generator. We were working on this plan for quite a while, as I mentioned to you three weeks ago, and we've successfully carried it out now. What distinguishes this function from the others? The previous options were always the same for every creator. The only thing you could do with them was modify the size or reposition them in a maze or on a track. But there was no other way to customize the interaction.
For the first time, the ball generator allows players to specify physical parameters for objects. The game creator can generate balls with precise qualities for his or her story line. They determine the mass, gravity, appearance, and bounciness of the ball. Get ready to create seemingly ordinary round objects for your world, with the most unexpected characteristics! How would you like an air balloon that looks like a soccer ball, for example?
We're excited to see what creators come up with by using this function, what cool new games will be created and how the players will react to the ball tricks. We'll make sure to report back on what we discover!