Game boosters

This week, 866 games were added to the collection. We've seen that our creators excel with in the game genre “runners”, so we've decided to provide them with extra mechanics for this genre of game.
We are currently adding our three newly developed boosters to the game editor. Their various effects make every competition much more thrilling.
Banana. Now, if a player steps on a banana peel, he slips and loses 2 seconds of game time, which could be enough for his rivals to take the lead. And we added a slipping animation effect for everyone’s delight.
Chewing gum. Being trapped two steps from the final is agonising, yet it seems like real life. You can't be careless when there are so many other gamers nearby. You can't go straight through if you come across gum; you'll get stuck and lose 5 (!) seconds of game time. Oh, no!
Accelerator. And this is a fast track for the player. Accelerator shortens playing time by 2 seconds. In a race, 2 seconds might mean the difference between first and second place. And that’s important!
We are testing these new features with creators at our weekly Discord events, and with gamers during game influencer streams.
At the same time, we are working on an essential product solution that we will announce soon.