Megamod games contest winners

This week, our creators dropped 1671 new games. And it’s time to show you the best of them!

In mid-April, we announced a contest for the games developed by the Megamod creators, and yesterday, we showcased all the winning games on a befriended Youtuber's stream.

According to the contest rules, all projects had to be done in Low Poly style and optimized for mobile devices. In 10 days, we received 97 entries in three categories: 1-minute games, 30-second games, and 6-second games. We evaluated the games through open community voting, and the final winners were chosen by our jury, Megamod artleads and our original creators who joined the project a year ago.

Here is the winners’ selection, and it was really hard to choose because there were so many great games. Look at how awesome they are!

Best 1-minute games

1. Monster Invasion
Created by diatonika
The best game in the category 1-minute games

2. Nightmare
Created by Phoenix
The best horror game

3. Typical RPG
Created by BEZDAR
The best game with a storyline

4. Venice
Created by foxy
The best multiplayer game

5. Mines
Created by JershX
The best color match game

6. Camp Camp
Created by cocon
The best minimalist game

Best 30-second games

1. Toy Story
Created by PAOplay
The best game in the category 30-second games

Created by Alhner
The best game set in a real place

3. Forest
Created by K1rit0
The best nature game

4. Royal Rumble
Created by Neil
The best sports game

Best 6-second games
1.A fabulous world
Created by Anweks
The best game in the category 6-second games

Created by Banks
The best mythical game

3. Samurai Manor
Created by HR1AK
The best oriental game

4. Mecera
Created by nevardqq
The best abstract game

5. Fishing
Created by inoshishi1
The best atmospheric game

6. Alien City
Created by Tisoy
The best city capture game

Give these games a try. And let us know which game you liked the most!