Creators' routines and inspiration

489 new games were added to our catalogue over the week. So far, it looks like a listing in chronological order, but very soon it will transform into a real marketplace with a variety of games, hits, and intriguing new releases. We have some great suggestions for turning Megamod marketplace into a beloved site among youthful players worldwide. Meanwhile, we are currently educating creators on how to prepare a promotional base for their games, which consists of a title, description, banner image and video teaser. We'll shortly show you how it will benefit us!
This week, we introduced MegaCode to creators. It is the AI tool we told you about in this newsletter a month and a half ago. Any game object can get a variety of properties set up with MegaCode, which can then be imported into the game. Without even knowing the code, all of this is possible.
Now that everything has been tested, we are compiling a database of prompts that megacoders will create for their games. MegaCode's reception from the community was rewarding: during the usual Discord event, we were inundated with enthusiasm and suggestions. We're also giving you access to the tool at Try it out; you'll love it!