2024 is starting with new Megamod games

Megamod creators introduced 1579 new titles to the catalog throughout the holiday break. And we'd like to kick off the new year with a fresh batch of games from our artleads.

Marci by kowdy
Find yourself in a colorful intergalactic world. Try to make it through the light holes.
Chill zone by Helga
Have a good time with friends in the chill zone. Jump over obstacles, run to the finish line and be the first to snatch the last piece of pizza!
Sea parkour by georgiyyy1
Explore the underwater world with all its beauty and challenges. Hope you can hold your breath for a long time!
CANDY RUSH 2 by pentanol
A delicious candy-chocolate world or a sweet trap? Try to find your way out.
Office by GodLike
Welcome to the voxel business world! Take a walk through the offices, where you are going to work. And who's our big boss? This is nothing less than a funny and charismatic parody!
Ice Age by Eglamor
Arctic adventures in the land of ice and snow await!
Monkey by Healer
An entertaining runner game where the player plunges into an exciting environment filled with dynamic obstacles, while meeting monkeys in unique game scenarios. Explore thrilling tracks, overcome challenges and enjoy the special excitement of adventure!
Try it out! Explore these games on PC and mobile devices.