Speed up!

We're picking up speed!

New mega-games are appearing even faster – 307 this week (previously 229 in 9 days).

Our junior creators are growing and quickly mastering all the possibilities of Megamod and Megabuilder. A month ago, we actively started recruiting interns for our game design team, and we already have our first stars who have created 30 games in less than a month and received their first reward! We are excited to introduce them to you: Max @Aftiz and Dima @Dmitry Niko joined us in mid-May, quickly settled in, and now spend 3 to 6 hours on each new game track, depending on the level of detail.
Here are some examples of tracks that the guys have built:
@Aftiz (has already transitioned from a junior role to an art lead and is helping newcomers who come to us to create games):
We have also made several updates and deployed two new product options that enhance group mechanics in games.
Firstly, we launched Collisions, which allow server owners to disable player interactions. When there are many players, it's more fun to play, but navigating through a crowd in a parkour game can be very challenging (and annoying) – everyone bumps into each other and gets in the way. When the server owner disables Collisions, players do not collide and gain the superpower to pass through each other. This way, the most skillful player will reach the finish line first! When Collisions are enabled, players can collide and push each other on the track, and the trickiest player will be the first to complete the course, dodging obstacles and other players along the way. Or perhaps the one who knocks all rivals off the path.
Secondly, we have given server owners the ability to kick players who do not play by the rules and disrupt others. We added a button that allows you to kick those who violate your order. The player who gets kicked from the game can immediately create their own server and do whatever they want there! The rules belong to the server owner.
We are currently preparing an important update that will serve as the basis for future monetization of Megamod and its community of creators. It will allow recording and storing the authorship of each save. We will definitely share more details with you soon!