Megamod mobile

First things first: any game in the Megamod library can now be played on any mobile device in any web browser. It is not an app yet, but a huge step in the right direction for the millions of gamers who prefer their smartphones and tablets for playing.
In the meantime, the Megamod collection now consists of more than 15,000 games and this has been achieved in only six months—the first creators joined Megamod in May.
We update you weekly on the amount of new games that are being added to the Megamod platform. The figures showed a significant spike in November. This week, there are 1980 new titles, which is more than twice as many as in any of the weeks in October. This is also the result of our mini-games experiment that I shared earlier with you. However, the quality is increasing along with the quantity. Game worlds are becoming more and more intricate and fascinating.
Here are this week's top 3 from our artleads across various genres.
Dead island quest by Dmitry Niko
You have crashed on a dead island. Explore all its secrets and find the ancient city!
Snow dream parkour by Appolo
Ride through stunning snow-covered landscapes in this exhilarating parkour mechanics game. Use your skills to overcome obstacles and perform incredible tricks in a fairytale world of snow!
Rocky roads runner by Anweks
A mysterious trail where you never know what awaits you next. Visit the forest, the sandy valley, and the place where a beautiful waterfall reigns.
Try these games on your mobile device and share your impressions with us!