Megamoney are here

This time our creators have released 515 new titles! And you can be sure that the Megamod games quality keeps getting higher and higher. Feast your eyes on a couple of sizzling hot games samples from our creators:

Check Megamod Dribble page and find renders from different games so you can admire our young talents' imagination and efforts.
Now for the biggest news of the week. We've successfully completed the first phase of integrating Megamod with the Xsolla payment system. This marks a significant milestone in our journey towards monetizing games.
At Megamod, we're on a mission to revolutionize the game industry by achieving two goals: 1. To empower millions of young creators to whip up their own games in a flash, without needing coding or drawing skills; 2. To provide every creator with the opportunity to distribute and monetize their games. We're not just building games; we're creating an entire universe of UGC games filled with superstars, devoted fans, passionate ambassadors, and a thriving creative and gaming community. This vision fills us with boundless inspiration and motivation!
So, what has changed for our players and creators this week? Megamod now comes with game currencies, which are Megacoins and Cookies and we’re delighted to introduce these changes. The platform's interface now displays the players’ balance in the top menu for each logged-in user.
Megacoins (blue orbs) serve as the players' currency. From now on, all games in the Megagames catalog can only be played using Megacoins: 1 minute of gameplay costs 1 Megacoin. Each user is granted 30 Megacoins daily, which must be spent on the same day as they are issued; the balance will reset tomorrow.
We've seamlessly integrated the Xsolla metagame framework, enabling the allocation of virtual currency. Soon, players will be able to purchase Megacoins, allowing them to play more and support their favorite creators through donations.
As a welcome bonus, every user who registers with the Xsolla payment system receives 100 Megacoins. Furthermore, Megacoins can also be earned through various activities within the project, such as referring friends, providing reviews and feedback on Megamod games, and more.
And what about Cookies? These golden orbs are the creators' currency. They are awarded to game creators based on the amount of time players spend in each game, at a rate of 1 Cookie per 2 minutes of gameplay. Cookies can’t be purchased; they can only be earned by creating and promoting one's own games. The more popular the game, the more cookies its creator gets.
And here's the cherry on top: in the near future, we're opening the gates for creators to exchange Cookies for real-world cash! Payouts can be made thanks to our integration with Xsolla.
Looking ahead, our plans involve working on the marketplace, game rankings, creator ratings, game promotion campaigns, and engaging extensively with our player community. Concurrently, we're also dedicated to the ongoing optimization of the platform, tackling various routine tasks to enhance the user experience.
We face many challenges, but we are fully confident that we are up to the task! Rest assured, we’ll continue to keep you informed every step of the way. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!