Xsolla Curine Academy Partnership

First off, our creators have added 2404 new games to our ever-expanding collection in the last 7 days.

And we’re proud to announce…drumroll, please...the official launch of the Xsolla Curine Academy in Kuala Lumpur and our partnership!

This Academy isn’t a run-of-the-mill school, oh no. It’s a game-changer (pun totally intended) and not only in the Asean market. Partnering with Megamod, the Academy is all about empowering students to unleash their creativity and bring their gaming ideas to life – no coding skills required! You can create your own awesome games using intuitive no-code Megamod tools. Head over to the Academy’s official website for all the juicy details. And below is the video I recorded for a grand opening ceremony to greet the Academy’s students on behalf of the Megamod team, and I'm delighted to share it with you as well.

Have a look on the pictures from the opening ceremony.