Megamod mini-games

This week, our creators introduced 1604 new games to the collection. It's been a while since we've shown you some of our awesome releases. Here are the five games that our artleads have randomly chosen as this weeks MegaStore selection.
Pretty cool, huh?
We've started an experiment in creating mini-games that last only six seconds. Until now, creators have the option to design lengthy games using every interactive feature included in the game editor—such as invisible walls, trampolines, balls, cubes, doors, boosters, etc.—or concentrate on creating brief, straightforward games that simply require finish point and respawns. Big games need a deliberate approach to gameplay, while for the short ones, a visual wow effect is necessary to become a viral TikTok trend. That is our goal and expectation.
Short games are 6.7 times cheaper for the project, and creators spend much less time on their creation, but most importantly, we see that this is a potential boost for social media, which should soon become the main source of player traffic for Megamod.