Collaboration with MassiveRealm

Megamod creators have unleashed 3363 new games within the last week! And our R&D started a successful collaboration with MassiveRealm, but let us tell you about it in the words of our partners:

"Imagine a gaming universe where the concept of “too many players” doesn’t exist. Here, not just hundreds, but millions, or even potentially an unlimited number of players from different regions, can coexist and interact in a single, seamless room. This is made possible through our partnership with Megamod. Our tests have already demonstrated lobbies, with over 500 users interacting simultaneously with a minimum tick rate. However, this is just the start. The combination of MassiveRealm and Megamod technology aims to push the limits of multiplayer gaming, demonstrating that the sky is not the limit but only the starting point".

The initial tests are impressive. CTO&Co-founder of Megamod, Dmitry Semiryazhko said, "We see how our joint experiment solves the problem of multiplayer cost and stability for mobile users. Unlike modern mobile games, which leave this responsibility to large MMORPG projects, this solution is specifically designed for mobile users who often experience poor internet connectivity resulting in frequent drops and high ping. Developing UGC-platform with multiplayer, we need to give users the opportunity to play in large groups and give this opportunity also to those who have unstable Internet. After researching available solutions, we have determined that MassiveRealm has the most advanced technology in this area. Together, we can optimize traffic and channels between servers and their costs, providing players and streamers with a new gameplay and experience".

Find out more on MassiveRealm Medium.