Programmable props

Since last Friday, 444 new games have appeared on the platform. It was 315 last time, and has grown again! 3 hours is the norm to make a good game in Megamod, but it sounds so far incredible even for us.
Now we are focusing on a new mechanic that will allow us to "animate" game objects – the generator of programmable props. We told you about trampolines before, this week we've deployed a Jump block. It allows the game creator to set jumping height on each of the trampolines he uses in his world. This changes the game mechanics in a cool way and makes the game more unpredictable and amazing!
On the same principle we are developing a Ball generator – you will be able to make games with a ball or several balls and set their size, weight and bouncing. Soon it will be possible to play either football or quidditch in Megamod. Great, yeah?
Also this week we've collected some figures on Megamod creators' age, have a look:
59% are 14 to 18 years old
34% are 19 to 24
4% - are 25 to 30
2% - are above 30
We have started a cooperation program with schools of game design and educational projects teaching game designers: XYZ SCHOOL, Skillbox, Netology, etc. We are planning collaborations and inviting their students and graduates to join our internship.
Also we appreciate much our cooperation with game streamers, which allows us to test the product and new features and collect feedback in a timely manner. For streamers Megamod is not just a game sandbox, but also a great source of new content: they need everyday news for their audience and get them with our project.
Soon we'll tell you about another important partnership that will bring an economy to Megamod.