Megamod evolution

This time we’ve got 414 new game releases. The Megamod creators have been working with new mechanics and interacting game objects for the last couple of weeks, so they have spent a little more time than before creating new narratives, but the games are becoming more entertaining and fascinating. Have a look at this quest as an example! This guy, whose nickname is Izottop, used all possible Megamod options that are available for now and did it perfectly!
Product enhancement is our key goal, but not the only one. We also work on distribution growth in terms of increasing the number of users and revenue. Creators’ network is the important part of Megamod development and the base of distribution, that is why we pay so much attention to creators’ motivation system.
And our big quest is to learn how to attract players to our platform and future super app, to offer them the most successful games from our Megamod creators, taking into account the interests of the player.
We believe that our marketplace is not solely about games, but about the communication between the creator and the player.
Therefore, we will help the creator to present his or her content. We are going to connect the creator with the audience – to give players the opportunity to communicate with their favourite creators, so they subscribe to get updates, follow the process of new content creations and to be able to interact within the gameplay.
We suppose it is about time to share our deeper vision of Megamod's next big steps and describe our plans precisely in the Megamod evolution document.