The Megamod Store

683 new releases have been submitted this week. Overall there are now more than 10k games created in Megamod. And we're currently working out ways to help players find exciting new games and keep up with the releases of their favorite creators because navigating through such a sea of games can be overwhelming.
To accomplish this, we developed the Megamod Store, a marketplace where Megamod creators and artleads collect a selection of the top games across a variety of genres. We currently have runners, quests, and parkours. Therefore we focus on player ratings; you now have to rate a game in order to move from one to the next. Each creator who gets into the Megamod Store has their own page where all of their games are saved; and games can be added to the users’ personal favorites so that they can return to them later.
The Megamod Store is just getting started! This week we begin testing it with players. In the future, it will feature more capabilities for creator-to-player communication, for supporting favorite game authors, and for game marketing. We'll share everything along the way!