Shortlisted for the Mobile Games Award

In the past seven days, our creators have published 1049 new games.

As our R&D team explores new hypotheses, the rest of the product team are focusing on refining our platform. We are removing features that didn’t gain traction, transitioning successful features from R&D to production, and enhancing performance. Our goal is to ensure that by the start of the new business season, our updated products deliver the highest quality for all our existing and new players.

Here’s a reminder of the products in our Megamod lineup:

  • MegaBuilder: Our first product featuring UGC (User-Generated Content) objects, allowing users to create various game objects for use in game level creation.
  • MegaCore: Our flagship platform enabling users to build game worlds and multiplayer game levels without any programming skills.
  • MegaCode: An AI tool that allows users to define unique properties for any game object and import it into a game level using natural language prompts.
  • MegaSkin: A skin editor for Megamod games. Skins are part of a player’s identity, and MegaSkin helps everyone create their unique avatar without being limited to standard options.
  • MegaBit: A mobile app featuring Megamod games, playable across multiple platforms—PC, mobile devices, browser, and app—simultaneously supporting up to 400 players in a single game space.
  • MegaChill: A multiplayer platform for game streamers and their audience, supporting up to 2,000 players in a single game space during tests.

Our development team, currently 13 strong, is dedicated to these projects.

Now, here’s some cool news: We’ve been shortlisted for the Pocket Gamer Mobile Games Awards 2024 in the category of Best Game Engine/Creation Platform! There’s an open public vote on their platform until July 22, where only representatives from the gaming industry can participate. We would greatly appreciate your support. Please vote for us here.