Current progress

As usual, we start with our primary indicator, the number of new games added over the week: this time 732 new releases were created. Our catalog, the future Megamod game marketplace, is expanding and being filled with exciting and intriguing high-quality games.
Megamod’s art director Pavel Barto recently brought to the team's attention how much the quality of final games has improved in just three months.
Watch this video to see the evident "before" and "after" and witness the journey the team of creators, many of whom started producing games from scratch, have taken. We've managed to build a working environment in which more experienced artists teach and mentor newcomers, as well as provide feedback and incentive to progress.
The following are the top-5 games that our artleads have selected for you.
Try them out!
Foreign Land
Risky Island
Dragon PvP Battle
Cloud Kingdom
Mega Up
We're sure that as new game mechanics are introduced, the Megamod creators' ingenuity will continue to grow, and we'll soon see some gaming masterpieces!
And a special bonus. This week we got the best intro at our partners' Xsolla booth at GamesCom'23. We’ve saved some pictures of this moment. See you next year at the Opening Night Live, we have some reasons to be so confident!
Warm regards from Alex Kostarev and the Megamod team.