Players' tests

We have 562 new games this week, all of which have been added to the Megamod Store right away and are arranged according to user ratings and genre.
These past months we were primarily focused on working with creators and now we have enough content (over 10,000 games) and a core of game authors, so we can start to experiment with the players’ audience. We are evaluating various channels of engagement and enhancing the players UX. This week we removed the requirement for a login at launch to observe the impact on player conversion. 30 free minutes of game time each day are still available to all players, but you can now begin playing without logging in. A player will see a window, requesting a login and offering more time when their initial period of game time has passed.
While the mobile version of Megamod is being developed, we are getting ready for a marketing campaign to draw new players. And through quick, low-cost experiments, we are learning which channels and promotion tools work best.