Megamod community

Our game catalog filled up with 468 new releases within the first week of September. Our devs are working on new game mechanics and UX. And shortly, we will share with you our detailed roadmap for the coming year.
Our team and its geography are growing; creators from the Philippines, Brazil, USA, and Italy have recently joined the Megamod community. We are interested in their progress and excited to see what ideas they will bring to the project's team and players.
It's also fascinating to observe our "old" community: in just three months, we've witnessed the birth of a distinct culture in which being an author and game designer is paramount. But it is also extremely valuable to be a part of the “human environment”, to discuss your ideas with other creators, to get their support and recommendations, and to help those who seek advice and assistance as well. Recently Megamod’s art leaders arranged a special event to offer their vision and game industry trends to newcomers. It turned out to be a very helpful and enthusiastic discussion, which everyone appreciated! We agreed to hold more of such meetings in the future and to continue sharing professional thoughts with one another.