First gameplays and Megacats

We're excited to share that we've set a new record, surpassing the previous one by 2.5 times with 229 new mini-games in the past nine days!
Our current focus is not only to provide creators with the ability to use any possible props in their world-building endeavors but also to offer them ready-made game mechanics that allow for engaging player-world interactions.
Currently, Megamod game creators have access to lava brick, invisible wall, and death plane. Each of these mechanics adds complexity to the gameplay, requiring players to pay attention and think creatively to overcome obstacles.
Lava brick poses a visible threat that players can avoid, whereas invisible walls stop them in their tracks and force them to devise new strategies to progress to the next level. The death plane combines elements of lava and invisible wall, throwing players back to the respawn point, but it can only be noticed if the game creator places a warning sign nearby.
Nearly all our creators make use of the Skybox Generator feature when crafting their game worlds. It allows them to put their creations in the most fantastic settings imaginable — anything that comes to mind. To create a unique game background, all they need to do is run the Skybox Generator on their game server and use textual prompts and style choices of the AI arts network.
And, what's a game without cats, right? That's why we've added a touch of cuteness to Megamod. Now, Megacats roam freely across all game servers, bringing joy and delight to both game creators and players alike!
We have many more exciting developments in the works, and we can't wait to share them with you soon!