Megamod Games Unlimited

This week's collection counts 1635 new games.

The development team is announcing a significant update soon. We've notified you about our multiplayer option Megachill, which we've been testing over the last two months: by increasing the number of participants in a single game session, we’ve tested the server load. This feature will be introduced to all Megamod games shortly!
So, up to 250 people would be able to play in a single game (before, the maximum number of players was 16). This is especially welcomed by Megamod streamers, who require a more engaged audience for their content; now they can arrange big tournaments and races.
This step is important and reflects Megamod's vision of unrestricted creativity. By enhancing Megamod, we remove barriers for creators and supply them with smart and easy tools for making games, as well as for gamers to better the gaming experience for their expression.